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Our Board Members

Frank Quintero

Advisory Board

Former Mayor, City of Glendale.

After serving in Vietnam, Frank returned home to earn a college degree. He became a job counselor and provided returning veterans of war with counseling, education, and job training services.

As the local aerospace and manufacturing workers faced plant closures and the number of unemployed individuals increased in 1976, Frank founded the Alliance for Education. He began working with local businesses and community educators to help secure jobs for those unemployed.

Jack Iskanian


Playing soccer for ten consecutive years in several championship games, Mr. Iskanian earned his title as a five time champion and four time cup winner for Armenia. After accomplishing his dreams in the soccer field, Jack pursued his goals at the university. Graduation as an engineer, he worked as the chief engineer at a watch plant in Yerevan, Armenia. Transitioning to a new life in America, Mr. Iskanian took on and fulfilled several production managerial roles. As president and production manager at Arax Tag & Label, he provided customer service in high volume retail. As the production manager at Andis Group, and Avis Roto Die, Mr. Iskanian built the skills and talents needed to manage his own successful insurance business.

Levon Ishtoyan

Honorary President

  • Former professional soccer athlete
  • Soviet Top League Winner: 1973
  • Soviet Cup Winner: 1973, 1975Mr. Ishtoyan was always inspired by the art of soccer. Spending his early childhood years as a member of a renowned soccer club named Shirak in his hometown of Gyumri, Armenia, Mr. Ishtoyan progressively made his way to the major leagues of Ararat Football Club in Yerevan (Armenia) where he led his team to a victory win in the 1973 Soviet Nationals. Since then, Mr. Ishtoyan has been coaching youth soccer teams and currently continues to do so at the Ishtoyan Soccer Academy.

Harry Boyadjian

Acting President

As an engineer, Mr. Boyadjian feels that sports have always played an important part in his life. Having played table tennis as a professional athlete, his passion has always been with soccer. He helped coach both of his son’s teams in the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), and was selected as an All Star coach many times during the fourteen years he was with the organization. He was even elected as the Spring-select-coordinator and boys-division-3-Commissioner. From his early childhood years until today, Mr. Boyadjian plays soccer recreationally every weekend and wants to pass his prior experiences of soccer to the younger generation in the community.

Avo Iskanian


Mr. Iskanian was born and raised in Armenia. In pursuit of higher education, Mr. Iskanian moved to St. Petersburg to study art history at the University of Contemporary Art. Years later, Mr. Iskanian relocated to the United States where he founded Avis Roto-Die, his own tool-and-die business. Growing a family in the midst of the move was not easy. This meant participating in his children’s educational careers and schooling activities while maintaining a successful business. Mr. Iskanian has been a member of the board of trustees at Alex Pilibos, a private high school and St. Garabed, an Armenian Apostolic Church in Hollywood. In 2008, Mr. Iskanian joined the Ishtoyan Foundation as an active board member to help the organization achieve its goals for children’s sports education.

Dr. Ayk

Dr. Ayk Dzhragatspanyan

Board Member

Ayk Dzhragatspanyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. He started attending Mxitar Heratsi Medical School in Yerevan at age of 15, but left for United States after 2 years. Ayk Continued his education at UCLA earning a BS degree in BioChemistry then continued his education at USC School of Pharmacy and earned Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2003. Since graduation Ayk has worked at several pharmacies as staff and manager of pharmacy. In 2010 he established his own independent pharmacy called Dr. Ike’s Pharmacy. Ayk enjoys spending time with his patients educating them about medications and alternative natural options. Ayk is married and has 2 kids- Levon and Rita. Levon enjoys playing soccer and hopes to be a great player when he grows up.